Jenny Martin

About Jenny Martin

Jenny Martin is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach specialising in agile delivery, quality improvement and innovation games.

Jenny believes that great teams are built on collaboration, shared responsibility and by embracing individuality and diversity.

She has 20 years experience across multiple platforms, tools and technologies in disciplines spanning the entire software development life-cycle and a demonstrable track record of delivering complex IT systems in the customer loyalty, retail and finance sectors

Jenny is a frequent speaker at Agile Testing and BDD events, and provides training in collaborative software development techniques and public speaking.


Death by User Stories


Do you find that user stories grow and multiply until you can’t fit them in your iteration? Are you struggling to see the big picture?  Are you lost in user story hell?


This talk examines the OOPSI technique and demonstrates how it accelerates delivery by ensuring that you are always working on the right thing and can see the bigger picture.  It will give you a narrative and context for your analysis artifacts and the examples that support them.


If you’re using Impact Mapping, Story Mapping, Event Storming or BDD you’ll find this fits in really neatly with those activities.