Paul Wilford

About Paul Wilford

Paul has worked in various positions in IT for over 15 years. Much of this time, his focus has been to specialise in software quality and Agile delivery. These days, Paul leads a talented team of DevOps specialists through an exciting and proactively disruptive journey, driving Hiscox towards better IT.

From a small experiment to “DevOps” in the cloud, making a commitment with over half a billion in turnover


Back in 2015 Hiscox took the decision to investigate what value the cloud could offer. Having assessed AWS and Azure, a second ‘phase’ was run focusing on Azure and with the simple goal of learning. In 2016 we then decided to take the next (not so) small step forward in moving our largest strategic policy administration system entirely in to the cloud. Taking advantage of the transformation, we applied core principles around resilience, idempotence, immutability and whole load of DevOps buzzwords to everything we deployed with varying degrees of success along the way. This is a talk about our journey of how and what we achieved with a legacy Java monolith – including challenges, reality checks, breakthroughs, results and a vision for the future.