Nick Brown

About Nick Brown

Nick currently works as Agile Lead at PwC in London.
Nick has previously operated as a Scrummaster for teams within PwC and as a Scrummaster for Royal Mail on their Digital programme. Rather than focusing on a particular framework, Nick uses data-based coaching to help teams find a way of working based on agile values and principles, whilst maintaining the focus on the continuous flow of value to the customer.
Coaching in a data-driven world...
In a world which is becoming increasingly data-driven it is still surprising how little teams use data. 
39% of executives say their companies are already highly data-driven (source: PwC), yet mention data to any Scrummaster/Coach having conversations with the same execs and many shudder at the thought. 
“Oh you’re a metrics guy…” is quite often the response one receives when working with teams and/or Scrummasters.
Why is this?
Is it the toxic nature that “metrics” have become synonymous with or is it because we view using data as a dangerous flirtation with placing more value in tools and processes?
This talk will challenge the taboo that data has in our industry. 
Through examples of data-based coaching using visualisations of information that may typically remain hidden I will aim to debunk the myths around metrics. 
I will highlight how effective data-based coaching still has it’s foundations in Agile, whether it be through Scrum’s “three pillars of empiricism” or Kanban’s “scientific method”. 
The aim of this session will be to come away challenging the traditional view of metrics, and state the claim that if a user story is an invitation to a conversation, then the same should be said for data…