Valarie Andrianova

About Valarie Andrianova

My name is Valerie and I'm Product Marketing Manager. At JetBrains we are passionate about creating productivity tools for professional developers and teams. I specialize in team tools, team collaboration and project management methodologies. I've been a part of the YouTrack team (an issue tracker) for seven years. During this time, YouTrack has been the public issue tracker for all JetBrains teams and projects. My role is to help different teams at JetBrains to establish the most suitable and productive process to achieve their specific goals and meet their requirements. I would love to share our experience of how various teams at JetBrains, including product development, marketing, design and technical writing, manage their tasks, plan and track their work to deliver the best products for developers and teams around the world.


Baking Boards: Tweak the Recipe for Agile Development.


This is a story about how we at JetBrains "bake" agile boards for different teams: product development, marketing, design, and technical writing. I will show live examples and explain various options that support different preferences and processes for each team.
This presentation will be interesting for everyone who has the drive to develop. These recipes are especially useful to anyone who thinks they don't have or don't need a process, or for those who do follow a process, but don't get results.
Surprisingly, this is a true sign that you understand the concept of agilezen. Any cook can follow a standard recipe. A real chef knows how to make small adjustments that make a big impact. To build an agile practice that works for you and your team, all you’re missing is the secret ingredient.